Weekend Favs October 2

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Weekend Favs October 2

If you’ve ever read the Duct Tape Marketing blog, you’ll have seen John Jantsch’s ‘weekend fav’ blog posts.

Essentially John uses these posts to provide his readers with short, interesting updates on anything pertaining to the digital industry or indeed, his personal interests.

Posts like this are a great way to keep your blog up-to-date if you don’t have too much to report. They also humanise your company and make it for fun for your readers to keep up with you. Not everyone thinks ‘business’ 100% of the time.

For all of the above reasons and because the internet is always changing, because new software is constantly being developed, and because there really is always something new to say, I’ve decided to follow in John’s footsteps and write a few weekend favs.

Here goes. Reporting back to you, live from my desk at the Xanthos Digital Marketing HQ:

First things first. I have to say, I’m really excited about the progress that one of our clients is making in the world of social media. If you’re an art person, a business, or anyone who likes or is in need of textiles, take a look at Sunbury Design.

I have got to say that their Pinterest account is what best showcases who they are. My favourite pinboard is Eye Candy, and not because my name is in it, but because it’s fun and it really reflects the personality of the people behind the name – creative, artistic and intelligent.

sunbury homepage screenshot

Some other new discoveries I’ve recently made: – Because I’m looking for things to do for our company’s Christmas outing, I came across this site. Apart from the excellent call-back service after submitting a response, they’ve got a great list of events. If I had access to unlimited funds, I’d definitely book our staff in for the following: a murder mystery night, crime scene investigation, Den of Dragons, stunt training, an overnight werewolf hunting experience, a wine branding workshop and an English garden party! There’s almost too much to choose from…

The infernal EU cookie law – Silktide has my favourite response to the new European pest, otherwise known as the EU Cookie Law. – if you like lists of interesting digital things. Some topics include: 29 Flash-based websites for creative design inspiration, 35 crisp photographs of brilliant autumn landscapes, 26 beautiful fullscreen websites, and much more.

And then, probably my favourite picture and favourite idea – you can also find it on my own very arts focused Pinterest board:

bike pots

And finally, because I love running – here’s a fantastic video marketing campaign that I missed during the Olympics. Thanks Nike: Find your Greatness – Jogger.

Written by Candice Landau