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Stay Ahead of Competitors and Grow Your Customer Base

The SaaS space is growing 6.5x as fast as the world economy. In 2016, the median revenue growth rate was 48% for SaaS businesses.

With the right offering and the right digital marketing, your business can grow very quickly. Feature marketing is very important – use the features within your software in order to inform and engage with potential customers.
Stay Ahead of Competitors and Grow Your Customer Base

How Your Model Impacts Your Digital Strategy

SaaS involves numerous different subscription or payment models, and this can drastically change your digital marketing strategy.

Models include:
  • Freemium models for SaaS vendors with low cost for user provisioning
  • Up-front costs with a perpetual licence
  • Monthly subscriptions
  • Annual subscriptions

All of this depends on the number of users using your application, and how much it costs in order to set up users. You could also charge per event, transaction or other units. How your website is designed and how your digital marketing operates will depend on your model.

Whichever model you choose can help you stand out from the competition, or provide the best chance of finding paying customers. But each model comes with different challenges, alongside new opportunities you can create in order to grow your business and claim more recurring revenue.

As SaaS can be very niche or unique to specific markets, it can often be a challenge to ensure your messaging helps to perfectly convey why it is someone should be interested in your product. A demonstration or live walkthrough is often the most effective method of convincing decision-makers that your product is worthwhile. But how do you convince potential customers to dedicate 30 minutes or so to checking out your product?

The software business requires your brand to appear cutting edge. A poor website and unoptimised marketing campaigns simply won’t attract any customers. That’s why your website should reflect your brand positioning as an innovative brand with an essential solution that solves your target audience’s problems.

Xanthos uses an array of digital marketing channels and tools to increase demand for your software, and find the right customers at the right time. We understand how selling software online works, and how digital marketing can make a real difference to your bottom line.

Software client success: Vigilant Software

Software client success: Vigilant Software
Vigilant Software had the following requirements:
  • Redesign the website to be mobile-friendly, and to work with new branding
  • Build on the AspDotNetStorefront as a standalone store
  • Integrate with SagePay and PayPal Express
  • Create a digital marketing funnel to increase conversions through the site
Xanthos created a responsive ecommerce store, and implemented a digital marketing funnel.
The funnel leads website visitors to convert through a carefully-curated user journey. This funnel includes:
  • Audience definition, competitor research, and customer survey
  • Funnel creation, hook definition, and advice on content creation
  • Traffic generation through digital channels such as PPC, email marketing, and Facebook ads
  • Landing page creation
  • Measurement and refinement of the process to ensure top results
After implementing the marketing funnel, Vigilant Software achieved a 115% increase in conversion rate.

View the case study here.

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