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Digital Marketing is Essential for Any Retail Business Looking to Grow

Online retail sales are growing, and it’s never been more important that your website helps you generate sales or encourages customers to visit your store.

The retail industry has transformed over the past few years. It’s tough on the high street with declining footfall, but many businesses have seen this as an opportunity to grow their retail business online with an ecommerce store.

The UK has the highest online share of the internal market at 17.8% - and all retailing has seen a year-on-year growth of 18.5%. This gives you a huge opportunity to get ahead of your competition online, and grow your business.
Digital Marketing is Essential for Any Retail Business Looking to Grow

Shopping online has become more than a way of getting the best value out of your purchases. It’s now a shopping experience in itself, and the user journey is essential in crafting a high-performing website or online store.

Consumers are now experienced online shoppers across multiple devices, and expect a certain level of shopping experience from a retailer to even consider making a purchase. Nobody has a problem shopping on their mobile phone any longer, and your online store needs to reflect that.

Being in the retail industry, you will know that time is limited, and it’s likely you don’t have the resources to run your business, operate an online store (maybe a physical store too) and give your marketing the attention it requires to grow your business.

Ecommerce has fundamentally changed how some businesses operate, and how your website looks is imperative in making an important first impression on potential customers. It’s more difficult for brands to stand out in crowded markets online, and that’s why you need a website that offers a top experience alongside data-driven digital marketing that generates sales.

We have experience in helping businesses in the retail industry grow their businesses online by creating conversion-centric websites designed with results in mind from the start.
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Retail client success: Normans Musical Instruments

Retail client success: Normans Musical Instruments
Normans has a significant online presence, supplying schools, pupils, local education authorities and musicians around the world. The company had an established ecommerce site but wanted to make a number of significant changes to the design and add functionality to further enhance the customer experience. They also wanted to increase conversion rates that would generate a greater return on investment.

After implementing a new responsive ecommerce design from Xanthos, Normans had a 118% increase in online sales.

Conversion rates increased by 48% in the 3 months following the launch of the new site, translating to an increase in revenue of 118%.

View the case study here.

"Upon the new site going live we saw an instant significant increase in conversion rates. Site traffic also continues to consistently increase month on month. Customers love our web store and regularly compliment us on both the look and functionality of the site.

"We have a great working relationship with Xanthos. The combination of 'can do' attitude, technical expertise, and their understanding of the commercial environment makes for great development and support."

Gareth Haines - MD at Normans

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