Technology has Changed the Publishing Sector - Stay Ahead of the Competition

The publishing industry has changed dramatically over the last decade, and even within the last few years. The relationship between publishers and audiences has become hugely different.

Reading experiences which once consisted of sitting down with a particular book or magazine you were fond of has now evolved into an always-connected, always-ready experience. And publishers have been forced to adapt to how audiences interact with particular media.
Technology has Changed the Publishing Sector - Stay Ahead of the Competition

With the rise of Amazon, publishers have struggled to find and establish their own space to promote and sell books or other forms of content. But the benefits of having a dedicated ecommerce store f still often outweigh selling through other marketplaces for many publishing businesses.

The rapid change in focus to the online publishing space has created an opportunity for your publishing business to push for more sales through digital channels. Publishers have had to reassess what their commercial models look like, with some succeeding, and some failing. Those that have failed, are the ones who have failed to embrace the future of what the internet can achieve. Are you taking full advantage of what your publishing business can achieve? If not, it’s likely the competition will take your share.

We have expertise in helping publishers establish ecommerce stores and create digital marketing campaigns that generate measurable results.

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