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A Solid Marketing Strategy is Essential for GRC & Cyber Security in Today's Online World

With the recent security scandals and GDPR coming into effect in 2018, governance, risk and compliance and cyber security has never been a hotter topic. Now is the time to expand your GRC or Cyber Security business.
More businesses have realised it’s essential to have a strategy for managing corporate governance, risk and compliance with regulatory requirements.

If you aren’t already dominating your niche, then the competition will continue to grow until it’s too late.

Therefore, there’s a unique opportunity for businesses specializing in GRC to reach new customers. With GDPR and other regulations coming into effect, the time is now to push hard on your marketing, as security and compliance are increasingly hot topics within organisations around the globe.
A Solid Marketing Strategy is Essential for GRC & Cyber Security in Today's Online World

Consider just a few of the following regulations that have had (or will have) a significant impact in the public eye:
  • GDPR
  • DPA
  • NISD
  • ePrivacy Regulations
With such regulations meeting the public eye, can you afford not to make the most of a captive audience in a world where security is increasingly important?

If your GRC or Cyber Security business isn’t growing at the rate you wish, then think of what it could be achieving with the right website and the right digital marketing strategy in place. We can help ensure you make the most of the opportunities that lay ahead.

We have extensive experience helping GRC and cyber security businesses develop new marketing strategies for products and services, to help grow their business online.

We have also developed a number of websites and ecommerce stores that have helped cyber security companies improve conversion rates, and get a better ROI on their online performance.

Ensuring your website, online store or marketing campaigns appeal to your key audience is essential. We have the experience needed to ensure you reach the right audience, capture their attention, and stop wasting your money on potential customers that wouldn’t be interested.

IT GRC & Cyber Security client success: IT Governance

IT GRC & Cyber Security client success: IT Governance
IT Governance had the following requirements:
  • Design and build ecommerce websites targeting different geographical markets
  • Create information sites for each of their brands
  • Digital marketing consultancy to help generate superior results online
From its start-up origins, IT Governance has become a world leader in IT GRC with clients such as NASA, the UK Treasury, Buckingham Palace, and Associated British Ports.

Along the way, Xanthos has helped IT Governance with the following:
  • Digital and e-product strategy development
  • Responsive ecommerce store development
  • Customer upload facility
  • Ebook delivery integration
  • One-page checkout
  • On-site search
  • PPC campaign management
  • SEO
  • PDF stamping
  • Web analytics review
IT Governance dominates its internet niche, and the company's brand is strongly established and internationally recognised.

View the case study here.

"We have built our business on the back of our ecommerce sites.

"We could not have achieved this without the ecommerce and digital marketing expertise of Xanthos."

Alan Calder
IT Governance Ltd

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