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A Digital Strategy is Key to Staying Ahead of Competitors in the Engineering & Manufacturing Sectors

Engineering and manufacturing businesses can often rely on offline means to generate business, but this leaves a gap for your business to stay ahead of the competition by finding more customers online. With many engineering and manufacturing businesses having out-of-date websites and little digital marketing, it gives you a unique opportunity to take market share of your niche.

Your website and digital marketing play a pivotal role in generating leads and enquiries that turn into sales. At the very least, your website is important in creating a good first impression in the support of your sales process. If your website and digital marketing efforts continue to take a backseat, then the competition has an opportunity to dominate your market.

Many engineering or manufacturing firms don’t warrant hiring an entire marketing team – but outsourcing your digital marketing needs to an expert agency at a fraction of the cost seems like a no-brainer for many.
A Digital Strategy is Key to Staying Ahead of Competitors in the Engineering & Manufacturing Sectors

Why Digital Marketing is essential in Engineering & Manufacturing Industries

  • 48% of industrial professionals spend over six hours a week online for work-related purposes – which is a big opportunity to get your brand in front of them.
  • 74% of technical professionals stated their use of the internet was to find components, equipment, services and suppliers. You need to be found when your audience is searching for what you offer, and you do this through digital marketing.
You may think digital marketing isn’t worthwhile for your industry. Yet:
  • 85% of manufacturing marketers were using content marketing.
  • Manufacturing content marketers were found to be using 5 different channels on average, with 92% using email and 78% using LinkedIn.
  • 42% of engineers were said to use social media to find new suppliers.
Can you say the same for your business? Can you afford to fall behind the competition?

Once your audience has found you through digital marketing, your website is the next step. Your website can have a number of different aims, but overall it should highlight why you are a stand-out choice in the market. Commonly, businesses will offer expert information, showcase products or services with eye-catching visuals, and drive sales and enquiries as a lead generation tool.

When it comes to the B2B market or selling into OEMs, it can be difficult to find marketing professionals that understand the typical buying journey. Our experience in helping engineering and manufacturing businesses grow online has proven invaluable for our clients in these sectors.  

Manufacturing Client Success: Teknis

Manufacturing Client Success: Teknis
Teknis needed a mobile-friendly ecommerce store with a one-page checkout to increase conversions, along with digital marketing to increase sales.

Teknis' requirements included:
  • Build ecommerce functionality to allow online sales
  • Ensure the new website is mobile-friendly
  • Incorporate a one-page checkout to increase conversions
  • Integrate a dynamic mega menu
  • Develop and optimise digital marketing to increase sales
Xanthos designed and built a new mobile-responsive ecommerce store, as well as providing outsourced digital marketing services including AdWords PPC management, email marketing, online PR and SEO.

After the launch of the site, Teknis experienced a 27% increase in visits, and a 144% increase in revenue.

View the case study here.

"Our new website has been well received by our customers who like the look and ease of use.  The ecommerce functionality is especially liked"

David Thompson

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