Retargeting with Google Adwords to improve Conversion Rate

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Retargeting with Google Adwords to improve Conversion Rate

Retargeting with Google Adwords

Retargeting (also known as Remarketing) is a new feature in Google Adwords. Retargeting allows you to target banner advertisements to users who have previously clicked on your Adwords ad; or who have engaged in a purchasing action on your website.

Sometimes you might notice that a banner ad from a particular site follows you across the web, no matter the site you visit. Ever wondered why? Read on.

How does Remarketing work?

Whenever a visitor clicks on your Adwords ad, Google places a cookie on the visitor’s computer. Whenever the visitor visits a website which had opted into the Google publisher network, the banner advert will be shown to the visitor.

This is one method used to target hot prospects that are in the late end of the buying cycle. Someone who has clicked the Adwords ad and spent some time on your website evaluating the offer is obviously a potential customer. It is possible to send specific discounts and other offers to that customer using the Remarketing feature. You can also cap the number of times the banner ads are shown to any single visitor.

This feature allows you to target visitors that browsed a specific section of the website, but who left without purchasing the product. For example, let’s say you own a musical instrument website selling products like drums, guitars, pianos, keyboards etc. If the visitor checks out the ‘Guitar’ section of your site and leaves without making a purchase, you can follow up with specific banner adverts containing offers relating to Guitars.

Some of the business owners who have used Retargeting observed an increase in conversion rates of close to 200%. Right now is a good time to get started with Retargeting using Google Adwords because although Remarketing has been around for a while, very few people still know it exists. Get started with Remarketing right away before your competitors do!