How Can a Podcast Help My Business as Part of Content Marketing?

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How Can a Podcast Help My Business as Part of Content Marketing?

Whether you already generate some form of content to attract customers to your website or not, many businesses overlook the power of the podcast when it comes to content marketing.

When people think of content marketing, they usually only think of blogging.

Nowadays, lots of people know about how powerful video content can be, whether you feature it on your site, use it in ads, or host it on YouTube or other platforms.

But podcasts have been in the background this whole time. Podcasts have been around a long time, and have many dedicated fans. Podcasts are slowly but surely bleeding into the mainstream, with big players such as Spotify paying attention to podcasts and exploring options. As more technology companies push podcasts, and as more of the public discover how simple podcasts are to find and how rewarding they can be to listen to, podcasts will become more popular.

Why should I consider creating a podcast?

You may think you have nothing to say. You may see no-one else is doing podcasts in your space. Or perhaps it’s already saturated with people creating podcasts.

Whatever the situation, it’s worth considering whether a podcast would be a worthwhile venture.

Engaged audiences

If someone is listening to your podcast, that’s quite an engaged potential customer.

This is much more than them simply glancing down a blog post, or quickly reading a social media post. They have found your profile, chosen to hit play on your podcast episode, and listen to your voice for a good half an hour. Whether they are driving or listening with headphones while walking or otherwise – they are giving you a decent amount of attention.

Create a fanbase

If successful, you can build a loyal audience that listen week in, week out.

Sure, they may not turn into revenue straightaway. But creating an avid readership or “listenership” can have a really effective long-term impact on your business.

Create trust

Due to the trustworthy, loyal nature of a podcast audience, you will create a level of trust between the listener and your brand.

Having a podcast talking about specialist subjects adds a level of credibility and authority to your brand. Listeners can become potential listeners due to the fact they know you are experts in your field. If you offer value in your podcasts, you will find new customers.

Simple to produce

Video is difficult to produce. Video in itself is not hard – but to make it look professional and stand out amongst the crowd, it can be tough.

Podcasts are not hard to produce. Sure, if you want to have fancy editing with different segments then it can be more glossy and complicated. But for people starting out, all you really need is a decent microphone and a room without background noise. Though I’ve personally sat through and still enjoyed numerous podcasts which have been created using individual mobile phones in different locations with background noise in public. That’s how simple they can be.

Cheap to produce

As mentioned, all you really need is a microphone and a computer. And it’s fairly likely you have the latter. Otherwise I am sure you could do it from your mobile phoe if you were dedicated enough.

Repurposed content

Putting your podcast on the various networks is a great start – but you can repurpose your podcast to serve different purposes.

Add an image or cover to your audio and upload it to YouTube. You now have content for video platforms.

Type up everything that was said during the podcast. You can use this as the basis of a blog post, or simply upload it as a transcript of the podcast which will help your SEO. Two birds, one stone.

Exposure to different audiences

Blog posts might get you traffic from Google, and Tweets might get you followers on Twitter. But podcasts opens you up to a new breed of audience. People who listen to podcast. Who are often very big fans of the podcast format in general.

If they like your podcast, they will subscribe. They will recommend your podcast to other people. And people may be searching on podcast apps, on platforms such as Spotify/Google/Apple etc, and finding your branded podcast. This all helps your brand exposure. These are people you may not necessarily come in touch with otherwise.