Facebook Lead Generation Ads for Messenger Rolls Out Globally

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Facebook Lead Generation Ads for Messenger Rolls Out Globally

Back in May 2019, Facebook announced new lead generation for Facebook Messenger, and now the Facebook Lead Generation for Messenger is rolling out globally to all advertisers.

The new feature allows businesses to create automated question and answers via Facebook’s Messenger, which are launched when a Facebook user clicks one of the “click-to-Messenger” ads available in Facebook News Feed.

How does it work?

Essentially, when someone clicks on the “send a message” button which is featured in a “click-to-Messenger” ad which appears on their news feed, this creates a chat in Messenger with the business in question. The chat is then automated from there.

This can be integrated with a CRM, and can also allow businesses to maintain conversions with potential customers by the Page’s Inbox, Page Manager or third-party chat services.

How it works in Facebook’s own words:

Ads that click-to-Messenger, created in the messages objective, opens a Messenger conversation between a person and business and kicks off a set of questions that can be answered through pre-filled or free form text. Businesses can then integrate with their CRM provider and continue the conversation with qualified leads through Pages Inbox, Pages Manager App or a third-party live chat provider. A timely reminder is automatically sent to people who have not yet completed questions, prompting them to respond.

This could potentially be quite enticing for businesses who regularly speak to customers via Messenger or other means.

Equally, if you don’t make use of live chat for lead gen, this may provide a new opportunity to engage with new customers.

Facebook stated that:

Businesses engaging with potential leads in their preferred channel are seeing results, and finding it easy to continue the conversation and seamlessly nurture leads in Messenger. RIFT Tax, a UK-based financial services company, used lead generation in Messenger to increase its customer base of Armed Forces membersincreasing qualified leads by 42%. By following up with leads in Messenger, RIFT Tax was able to respond in less than 10 minutes and achieved an 18% higher lead resolve rate versus phone.

The new ads can be created within the messages objective when in the Ads Manager.

You can also set reminders to leads when questions go unanswered.

With over 61% of people surveyed across the US, UK, Brazil and India agreeing that messaging is the easiest, most convenient way to contact a business, there’s never been a better time for businesses to connect.1 Lead generation in Messenger allows businesses and people to chat in their preferred channel, on their own time, and in their own voice.