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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Transform your website with conversion rate optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is the process of creating the best possible user-experience on a web page in order to increase the percentage of visitors that convert into customers or leads.

CRO aims to lower landing page bounce rate and to increase leads and sales.

Who is conversion rate optimisation for?

  • Ecommerce merchants
  • Lead generation businesses
  • The service sector
At Xanthos we follow a 5 step conversion rate optimisation process:

Step 1 – Get to know your business

Before we begin any work, we start by getting to understand your customer. This is an essential step if we are going to make recommendations for improvement as each business is different and each user looks for information or moves through the buying cycle at a different pace,  dependent upon their business sector and their personality.

Step 2 – Research and analyse

After we have a thorough understanding of your target market, we begin the optimisation process by first looking into why your visitors are not converting. This may be down to your website’s architecture; to the checkout process; to where your call-to-actions appear on the page; or simply to how your content is formatted.

Whatever it is, our aim is to find the problem and fix it.

Step 3 – Define solutions 

After our initial analysis of your website, we move into phase three – defining the areas or aspects of the page(s) that need to be adjusted or reworked.

This might involve creating stronger call-to-actions; adjusting website navigation so that it is intuitive and user-friendly; editing content so that is suits your target market’s persona.

Step 4 – Development and delivery

Once we have outlined and agreed the changes that need to be made, we will provide you with a report documenting what needs to be done so that your developers can implement the changes.

Step 5 – Measure and test

Measuring the results. This is an opportunity for you to see what we have done and, if necessary to lend insight into any further adjustments or changes that need to be made. Once we have completed our initial testing and post-CRO implementation phase, you will have the opportunity to sign up to receive further analytics reports. Should you wish to find out more about this service, please see the relevant pages: analytics reports for ecommerce businesses, and analytics reports for lead-generation businesses.