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Web Development

Web development that delivers value

Great website development takes your site’s design a step further by making sure that your visual web design is translated into something that search engines will find easy to index; and that your customers will find easy to use.

All of this is key to turning website visitors into conversions, and ultimately boost sales and deliver ROI.

At Xanthos our web developers ensure:

  • Your website is built to comply with latest web standards
  • Your website is cross-browser compatible
  • Your website is optimised for search engines
  • Your website has a fast load time
  • Website analytics are integrated into the build
  • Your website undergoes rigorous testing before it is launched
If you own an ecommerce website, find out more about our ecommerce web design and development services.

Content management systems

We build all of our websites using off-the-shelf content management systems. We work with: Both of these content management systems have a wealth of business features. 

We build solutions that use the out-of-the-box functionality. We also specialise in customising he software to meet your specific needs. Our customisation service involves:
  • Technical assessment
  • Wireframing
  • Coding (C# and SQL)
  • Testing
  • Deployment
Do you have specific functionality in mind? If so, get in touch and we will help you build the right solution to meet your business needs. 

Website hosting and support

When your website is designed and built, Xanthos can host it for you. Because we are a Rackspace hosting partner, you will receive the best possible hosting service available including 24/7 telephone support.