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Web Design

Web design to help you excel online and stay ahead of the competition

A quality web design has become an integral part of marketing your brand online, as it is the first impression a customer will have of your company.

You have 10 seconds to make an impression on a potential customer - if you can't tell them what they can get from your website and company, they will leave. 

How can our Web Design Services help you?

In order to achieve your business goals and generate a positive ROI, a quality web design built with conversion in mind is now a necessity.

Whether you’re looking for an ecommerce solution, or an informational website to inform customers and generate leads, we have the right experience and knowledge to provide your perfect website. If you’re looking to redesign and redevelop your old website, or bringing your business online, our team is here to help you grow your business.

Your website directly represents your business online, and if it looks dated or is difficult to navigate and use, it can turn away potential customers. Having a great web design is the cornerstone of marketing your business online, and can really help grow your business both on and offline.
An effective web design will ensure you make a top first impression, convey your value proposition, and make it simple for people to get in touch or convert.
Here at Xanthos we focus on building websites that help businesses grow and generate leads. We start by finding out what makes your business so special, and understand your company and client personas, which directly inform how the web design is developed.

The team at Xanthos Digital Marketing has over 13 years' experience designing websites that increase online conversions, help capture leads, and provide great user experiences. 

Here’s what’s included in our web design service:

  • Persona definition
  • Customer experience wireframing
  • Responsive design for conversion

Designing for personas

Every company has between one and four different types of customers or clients which use their website. The way one person will use and view your website is often different to how someone else would - and for this reason it is imperative to design your website to suit your target audience.

Xanthos will work with you to identify your audience’s personas, and then develop a framework and design which will work for your audience. This is a crucial step to ensure you generate a return from your investment in your new web design. 

Customer experience wireframes

Following the identification of your client personas, we will develop wireframes for your website to map your customer experience.

Wireframes are schematics that show how the website will work before it is designed or built. This allows you to initially focus on the user’s journey through the website, before handling the design.  You can see one of our wireframes below:

Web Design Wireframe Xanthos

For complex websites we also offer a rapid prototyping service to help you understand exactly how the site will work before designing and developing your website.

Designing for conversion

Once the wireframes are agreed, we will design your website. We take into account your specific industry requirements, alongside any of your preferences, brand guidelines and deliver a website that caters directly to your target audience. Your brand’s value proposition will remain clear, and our focus on designing for conversion will help increase the return on your investment. 

Responsive Design

A responsive web design is a design that automatically adjusts to fit the screen size of the device it is viewed upon; whether it’s a desktop PC, a smartphone, or tablet device. As mobile device adoption and usage has skyrocketed, having a mobile-friendly website is now a necessity rather than a perk.

Does your website make an impact?

If you are looking for a website that generates leads or sales, the team at Xanthos can help design a website that is an asset to your business. Get in touch today to find out more.