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Web Analytics Reports

Boost your site’s performance with website analysis reports

In order to improve or maintain your website’s performance, website analytics reports are an essential tool. They offer insight into the areas of your website that are underperforming; that are performing well or that could use a little more marketing input.

By scheduling regular web analytics reports, Xanthos can help you develop a better marketing strategy that will boost your site’s performance on the search result pages. This might include reducing bounce rate, understanding visitor behaviour to improve on-page user experience, optimisation of marketing campaigns, improving conversion rate and increasing order values.

At Xanthos we also compile ecommerce web analytics reports which provide an in-depth analysis into the purchase and conversion process.

Choose the web analytics report schedule to suit your needs:

  • Monthly Website Analysis Reports
  • Quarterly Website Analysis Reports
  • Annual Website Analysis Reports

What’s included in your web analytics report?

  • A summary of your website stats
  • A list of recommendations for improvement
  • An optional telephone review or in-person analytics review service