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PPC Campaign Management

Google Adwords PPC - increase leads, boost your sales, and maximise ROI

Google Adwords Certified Partner

Google AdWords is a highly effective way of reaching new customers, who are searching for your products or services on Google. 

Why choose PPC Advertising?

AdWords allows your brand to be seen by customers at the exact moment they’re searching on Google for what you have to offer.

As Google AdWords delivers highly targeted results which only cost when someone clicks through to your site, it achieves great results with a high ROI - which is all completely measurable and adjustable.

Why outsource your Google AdWords PPC Campaign Management?

Whether you’re starting out from scratch, or feel as though your current campaigns could be performing better, your business could most likely benefit from outsourced PPC campaign management.

Google constantly changes the features and performance of Google Adwords, and it can often be time consuming to stay on top of it all. It isn’t rocket science to grasp, but if you set up your PPC campaigns incorrectly, or fail to constantly monitor them, or take advantage of new tools; you could be missing out on business and wasting your money.

If your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns aren’t set up correctly, you could be losing money. In some cases, you could be paying 600% more than your competitors.

Other benefits of outsourced Google AdWords PPC Campaign Management:


  • Campaigns created by a dedicated PPC expert, who knows all about the frequent changes Google makes to AdWords
  • Avoid expensive mistakes
  • Extensive keyword research means we target the best keywords and focus on the correct metrics
  • It will free up your time to focus on what you do best: run your business
  • It takes a lot of time, and ongoing management is essential to maintain high performance.
  • Tie PPC campaigns with overall online strategy

We are a Google Partner who specialises in PPC advertising in order to generate leads and/or sales for B2B and B2C businesses.
If you haven’t tried Google AdWords before, we can help you set up a new account. If you do already have a Google Adwords account, we can optimise your account and campaigns, to ensure you are getting the most out of it. In both cases we focus on increasing your sales and your return on investment.

Our PPC campaign management service focuses on generating a measurable improvement in your results. 

PPC campaign management by Xanthos includes:

  1. Pay Per Click campaign set up
  2. Keyword Research
  3. Ad Creation
  4. Landing Page Creation or Optimisation
  5. Set up Google Add-ons
  6. PPC Bid Management
  7. Monitoring

Pay Per Click campaign set up

We will set up your Google Adwords account, or if you already have an account, we will review your current account and make changes so you get the most out of your money spent. We will create an account structure that is: 
  • Relevant for your business
  • Differentiates between generic and brand terms
  • Differentiates between match types if you have a large, complex campaign

Keyword research

Do you know how your customers are finding your business online? Understanding what your customers are really searching for lies at the heart of PPC Marketing. We will analyse the relevant terms to be used in your campaign.

Using the right match types and ensuring you use negative match types is important in generating maximum ROI. We will create the right keyword match types for your campaign. 

Ad creation

Using the chosen keywords we will write your PPC advertisements, to entice potential customers to do business with you.


Google AdWords Remarketing can really help encourage users who had previously visited your website to convert into a lead or sale. Remarketing displays adverts of a particular product or service across the Google network, straight to customers who had previously landed on your site. 

Landing page creation or optimisation

Landing page relevance and page loading speed all factor into the Google Quality Score. We will create your landing pages or work with you to identify the correct landing page(s) on your site. We will make sure that you have the right information on the page, to ensure potential customers find what they are looking for.

Setup Google add-ons

Google Ad extensions can boost your ROI. For example, you can include sitelinks extensions for a branded campaign (or other high performing campaigns). When implementing this single technique for a client, we increased the click through rate by 63% and reduced the cost per click by 35%.

Bid management

We will manage the bidding to ensure that you don’t spend more money than you need to, and that you get the best value possible from your AdWords campaigns.


We will monitor the performance of your PPC marketing campaign and make adjustments where necessary. We will provide you with monthly reports showing the performance of your campaign.

What to do next

Whether you want us to set you up with an Adwords account so that you can run your own campaigns, or whether you want us to manage your PPC marketing campaign for you, we can help. 

If you want to get started advertising to potential customers searching for a business like yours, get in touch and see how we can help.