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Email Marketing

Email marketing services to directly engage your customers

Digital marketing now encompasses many different channels, but email marketing is still as important as ever, providing a great platform to improve customer engagement and retention.

The nature of email hasn't changed, as it is still a great way of directly communicating with your audience - allowing you to nurture leads and stay in touch with your current customers.

Whatever you need, we can design and manage your email campaign. Whether it's a product launch, a monthly newsletter, an ecommerce email campaign, or otherwise.

Depending on your email marketing requirements, we have three options you can choose from:

1. Fully-managed email campaigns

If you simply don't have time to create, manage, and monitor your email campaigns, we can take care of the whole process. We will talk with you about what you wish to achieve with your email marketing, offer our own input and suggestions, design the email, write the content, and broadcast to your contact list.

If this is your first time at email marketing, then this is a great fit for your business. If you choose the fully-managed email package, you will be given access to our dedicated email marketing platform. This will allow you to monitor and evaluate your email marketing campaigns.

2. Semi-managed email campaigns

If you choose our semi-managed email marketing service, we will design and build a template to fit your business requirements. All you need to do is send us the copy. We will handle the rest, including the building, preparation, and sending of your email campaign. If you only send out a monthly newsletter that only needs the odd tweak or update, then this is most likely the best route for your business.

3. Self-managed email campaigns

With self-managed email campaigns, we will give you access to our dedicated email marketing platform so that you can build, send, monitor and manage your own email campaigns from start to finish, including your mailing lists.  

Try your first email campaign today

Whether you're looking to send monthly newsletters or comprehensive ecommerce sales focussed emails, Xanthos Digital Marketing can craft the perfect campaign to suit your business needs. Find out more by getting in touch