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Content Management Systems (CMS)

Kentico CMS - A content management system anyone can use

Does your current content management system (CMS) make it hard to update web content and images? Looking to upgrade your website and content management system fast? Want a CMS system that your non-technical staff can use easily?

At Xanthos we build our non-ecommerce websites using Kentico CMS as it provides SEO-friendly page functionality plus full functionality through its modular design. It’s a truly exceptional CMS package as it allows you to easily add pages, manage and edit page files, edit layouts, upload photos, videos, documents, and much more.

We create unique designs to work with the CMS, customising its functionality to provide exactly what you need in order to deliver the best possible user experience in line with your online business goals.

Why choose Kentico?

  • Create, edit, manage and publish web content without involving your technical staff
  • Keep web content right up to date
  • Maintain total control of video, text, graphics and documents used on your website
Used in over 18,000 websites across 90 countries worldwide, Kentico is a popular CMS software package because of its ability to completely address the needs of its users.

Xanthos are partners of Kentico content management software.

Kentico CMS at a glance

As search engines continue to roll out updates that lend great importance to fresh web content, the need to continually update your website is more important than ever before.

Combining expert web development with Kentico CMS, Xanthos can seriously increase your website’s competitiveness and SEO impact.

Kentico’s features include:

  • Re-usable content across multiple web pages helps enhance productivity
  • Non-technical staff find it easy to use when creating & editing content
  • Ability to respond quickly to changes on competitor websites
  • Content creators take ownership of the information they provide
  • Removes the IT/web developer bottleneck from the content management process
  • Facilitates centralised workflows, approval processes and adherence to rules
  • Create SEO friendly pages
  • Interactive websites
  • Measureable results
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Content tree organisation
  • Page templates
  • Structured content
  • File management
  • Image editor and resizing
  • Media libraries
  • Workflow and versioning
  • Content locking
  • Multiple languages
  • Widgets
  • Authentication

An in-depth look at the Kentico CMS features:

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